These 10 Stunning Bedroom Ideas will Enhance Your London Loft Space


Loft bedrooms have grown in popularity amongst London residents in recent years. For those on a tight budget or don’t have that extra space for a full property extension, or are tied down with local council red tape, then a loft conversion is probably the answer. Has the total living space or potential space in the property been fully maximised to create a cosy living environment? Lofts have high ceilings and let in plenty of natural light, with the right type of windows. Empty loft space is an ideal blank canvas, just waiting to be transformed into a sophisticated and contemporary bedroom design. 

Bedroom designs are only limited by one’s imagination. So, why not follow your imagination with creative connections and distance yourself from the usual blah blah bedroom design? An extravagant, luxurious master suite to a minimalist design and all points in between can open up many design options. 

This article highlights a number of stylish ideas for your London property that hopefully inspire you to transform that loft space into a fashionable urban retreat.

Creative Loft Bedroom designs


Industrial elegance has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in loft settings. The raw beauty of industrial materials, such as exposed brick walls, metal girders, and rustic wooden beams. With this design, it’s all about simplicity. Maybe a minimalist bed frame with sleek lines to help offset the rough textures of the stripped-back brickwork. 

Add some soft furnishings like plush rugs and cosy throws to give outstanding balance to the rawness. 

Another popular design is due to its minimalist approach, with simple colours of white, lemon, grey, honey brown and light wood. These natural colours can soothe and relax when you enter your bedroom. Scandinavian design has grown in popularity for its minimalist approach. Keep the furniture streamlined and clutter-free, giving the space a calming atmosphere. IKEA furniture can complement this type of bedroom design perfectly due to its modern style and minimalist approach to furniture. All can contribute to a relaxing haven perfect for unwinding after a long day. 


Creating a bohemian-inspired loft bedroom is a fun and creative project that can transform your living space into a stylish oasis. With the modern boho design trend, you can mix an array of different textures, patterns, and colours to create a laid-back environment. Incorporating items such as macramé or rattan swing chair adds a touch of playfulness. With plenty of colours and patterns, bohemian decor discards the design rulebook and caresses boldness. It may look a tad busy, but it’s about finding the perfect balance between different styles and elements, whether for a minimalist or maximalist approach. 

Transform your loft into a peaceful urban sanctuary by incorporating soft neutrals, plush textiles, and luxurious accents. Choose a statement bed with an upholstered headboard and dress it with high-quality linens and decorative pillows. Dimmable lighting fixtures can tone down an atmosphere giving it a cosy feel.


Infuse your loft bedroom with a touch of glamour by incorporating soft subtle colours such as white, cream, ivory, and grey, coupled with rich textures and exquisite lighting. Go for a statement chandelier or some form of lighting as a focal point. Choosing fabrics for your bedding, such as velvet or silk, can add a luxurious feel.

Well, what does it mean? It mixes things up somewhat; it’s a space without rules. Where vintage meets new, stripes meet circles; flowers meet animal prints, bright, strong colours meet light pastel ones etc. You can throw lots into the mix to create a design that will make a stylish eclectic space. Be bold and caress the unusual!


No wonder everyone loves to embrace the natural beauty of their loft by introducing organic materials and earthy tones. Incorporate wooden furniture, woven rattan accents, and natural fibre rugs. Enhance the soothing backdrop by adding plants and floor-to-ceiling curtains, allowing privacy while preserving an earthy feel.

Create a sense of understated simplicity by sticking to a monochrome colour scheme. Choose shades of grey, white, black or beige for your walls, furniture, and bedding. Incorporate different textures and patterns to add depth and visual interest to the space.

Artistic Sanctum

Hang a gallery wall of prints or paintings, display sculptures or ceramics, and choose furniture with exciting shapes or unique details. Use colour strategically to highlight your artistic vision. It’s time to transform your loft bedroom into a creative haven by showcasing your favourite art pieces and incorporating artistic elements.

A cosmopolitan design features varied patterns, colours, and textures. Clean lines and luxurious materials will also create a sleek, sophisticated finish while providing a sense of space and light with reflective surfaces. To maximise your views of the cityscape, consider installing floor-to-ceiling windows. By combining these elements, your loft bedroom will percolate a sleek, cosmopolitan feel that will impress.


Designing a stylish loft bedroom in your London property offers endless possibilities to showcase your personal style and create a tranquil retreat within the bustling city. Whether you prefer a chic industrial aesthetic, a tranquil Scandinavian oasis or a stunning loft, our Loftteam engineers in London are ready to help you transform your bedroom into a stylish space.

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