Built-in wardrobes are a perfect addition to a loft conversion.


A loft conversion can add valuable space and functionality to a home. But it’s important to utilise all the available space during the design phase, especially for storage. 

A built-in wardrobe in a loft conversion is the perfect solution for homeowners who need to maximise their storage space without sacrificing interior aesthetics. You can maximise every square inch of the loft space by opting for built-in custom-made wardrobes. Consider sliding doors instead of hinged doors, which can gain a few feet of extra space. They fit from floor to ceiling without leaving any unused space. 

With expertly designed built-in wardrobes, you can have a clutter-free and organised space, giving you greater freedom of movement. They can blend in with their surroundings compared to freestanding ones. It can provide a stylish, functional, yet elegant solution to any storage problems. 

So if you’re thinking of transforming your loft, it’s worth considering built-in wardrobes to create a stunning and practical space. This blog post explores why built-in wardrobes can be perfect for your loft conversion.

Why choose built-in wardrobes?

One of the primary benefits of a built-in wardrobe is that it maximises space. Loft conversions tend to be awkwardly shaped, with sloping ceilings and limited headroom. A tailored built-in wardrobe can fit exactly any contours or sloped ceilings, making the most of any redundant space. By contrast, freestanding wardrobes may not fit well into the available space, leaving unused gaps or creating an inappropriate layout. With a built-in wardrobe, there are no gaps or spaces where dust can accumulate, making them easier to keep clean.


Your individual storage requirements can be accommodated with a built-in wardrobe. Whether you need hanging space for clothes, shelves for folded items, or drawers for accessories, a built-in wardrobe can meet all your storage needs. Mirrored doors can be an option to make a small space look even bigger. 

A loft conversion that adds an extra room or bathroom will add value to a property. Buyers often seek functional, well-designed storage solutions which tick all the boxes.

A creative and stylish design can make a built-in wardrobe appear as if it’s always been part of the room’s appearance. Let your imagination run free, be creative, and once you’ve decided on your design, call The Lofteam, who will turn your dream into reality.


The Loftteam London is here to help, offering an extensive range of finishes and elegant styles to meet all your design needs – get in touch today for a free site survey. 

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