Double Mansard Loft Conversion


A double mansard loft conversion is a variation of the standard Mansard, with an additional attic on the front of the property. This type of conversion is not typically allowed due to planning restrictions in London, but it may be possible in other areas of London.

Mansard loft conversions are an excellent solution for those looking to gain extra living space without extending out in gardens or onto limited sides of building projects. You will have enough room to build a second bathroom, bedroom, nature reserve, or home office within your property with a mansard loft conversion. This will significantly increase your home’s worth. Rest assured, whatever the existing dwelling design – from Victorian townhouses to modern semi-detached houses – these cleverly crafted solutions can provide you with that much-needed additional room!

Transform your Mansard loft into the home of your dreams! But budgeting for this unique project is key since costs vary depending on property size and desire style, finish, or even an added bathroom. The Loftconversion team in London can provide a comprehensive estimate to ensure you get the best bang for your buck when converting that extra space.

What is Double Mansard Loft Conversion?

Mansard loft conversion and planning require more significant changes to the house than dormer loft conversions. There are two roof slopes: the lower slope, at 72°, is nearly vertical, while the upper slope is virtually flat. Raising the party wall or the gable wall on both sides of the house is a traditional method for building mansard loft conversions.

This will give your Mansard a profile so a timber frame can be built on top of it. Francois Mansard, a well-known French architect who built homes in the 17th century, discovered the mansard loft conversion. Mansard developed homes with airy, loft-extended roof regions.

Our team at Loftconversionteam in London understands Mansard loft conversions’ unique complexities but remains confident in our ability to maximise space for your house or office building. With this type of loft conversion, we can often unlock considerable room compared to traditional roof designs – providing you with extra living space that feels like new! 

Planning permission for Mansard Loft Conversion

The local department of building regulations will verify that your loft conversion project meets necessary safety requirements for structural projects, such as ease of access, floor strength and fire prevention. Ensure you can enjoy the fruits of your labour with peace of mind regarding these important compliance considerations. The building of the mansard loft conversion involves a thorough scope of work. Therefore, it is required to obtain planning and building permission. Be aware that different kinds of loft conversions do not follow this guideline as a general rule. Make an application for construction permission and get it approved before work begins by contacting the neighbourhood project planning office.   You may need to resubmit your design proposals if the approver disagrees at some point. You would lose goods, time, and money if this happened.

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With a wealth of experience in Mansard Loft Conversions throughout London, our team at Loftconversion team London is dedicated to delivering an unrivalled quality service. No matter what size project you have in mind, our attention to detail and strict adherence to high standards guarantee professional results from start to finish – including conception, design execution and sign-off.

Transform your empty loft space into a one-off unique modern living space. We ditch the mundane 'off the shelf' conversion with a bespoke design that impresses!