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If you want your loft conversion to stand out with outstanding workmanship, then the Loftconversionteam is waiting for your call. Our professional team, based in London, will design, construct and manage your loft conversion from start to finish with the utmost care and attention that meets your conversion expectations. We distinguish ourselves from other companies by our dedication, eye for detail and workmanship to create a unique and affordable space tailored exactly to our client’s needs.

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Our skilled architects, interior designers, and expert tradespeople have experience with many different designs and will work to make all your ideas a reality. With over a decade of experience and have completed a multitude of loft conversions throughout Greater London, Loftconversionteam is the company to put your trust in for quality craftsmanship and customer service.

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At The Loft Conversion Company, we believe in transparency. Our team is committed to ensuring your project runs smoothly and finishes right on time - without surprises! From its concept design through to completion.


Our work is fully guaranteed and a structured warranty for total reassurance and peace of mind. Our construction team are hand-picked based on their craft skills and years of experience in delivering quality results.

The Process to Convert Your Loft

Ready to turn your loft into something spectacular? Get the process rolling with a design meeting to scope the project, and then let us take it from there! We’ll guide you through every step of planning and design to ensure an exceptional build.


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We will ensure maximum utilisation of every nook and cranny to create something beyond special - while staying within budget.



Unlock the potential in your home with bespoke designs and concepts. The design is only limited to your imagination.


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Take your loft space to the next level with a custom conversion and be the envy of the street!
Our Loft Conversion Cost

The cost of loft conversion is determined by various factors, including regional location, the scale and type of expansion desired, as well as the quality of materials used to complete it.

With us, you can be sure that your loft conversion is not just beautiful – but affordable too. Our all-in-one platform and finance team provide a wealth of knowledge and guidance about loft types and the planning work to help ensure the costs involved remain within budget. From builder’s fees to architect charges, plus covering insurance policies – our free consultation provides tailored advice on how best to approach each new conversion required for successful completion!

Making the most of your home/building space – considering a loft conversion? Besides setting aside enough room, consider how much you can invest. Loft renovations that offer more bespoke results, such as hip-to-gables and dormer conversions, will require an increased investment compared to smaller-scale options. Weighing out all your lofty options is key to finding the best solution that fits your budget and needs!

Our Partners

Most loft conversions don't require planning permission, but you must still adhere to building regulations.

You should speak with Building Control about your plan and obtain additional guidance you need to be aware of. More importantly, you should also determine whether the work you propose is covered by The Party Wall etc. Act 1996. 

You can always contact Loftconversionteam London for assistance in order to get building permission.

 The wall you share with your neighbours is referred to as a party wall.

Before starting your house conversion, you'll need their approval/permission. In other words, you must send a party wall notification to your nearby neighbours before beginning construction. You're safe if they agree in writing within 14 days of that notice. You'll need to draught a party wall agreement if they refuse, though.

The terms of your construction (timings, access, and noise levels) and the documentation of the affected wall's appearance before and after need to be covered in this agreement, which a party wall surveyor creates. In case the project causes damage to either house.

This comprises, whether or not the new floor's structural strength is adequate

The mechanical strength of your loft, including 

- the roof type

- escape routes and fire safety

- the new floors and staircases' safety features

- reasonable soundproofing between the converted space, the remaining rooms, and much more!

Depending on the type of loft conversion, you'll need several loft specialists, including structural planning engineers, to help you achieve these criteria because of the level of detail necessary. Then, either your local building control or a privately hired, a qualified inspector will evaluate your project.

According to estimates, up to 25% of a building's heat is lost through the roof; Thus, properly insulating your attic can significantly affect the rest of your house.

You must add thermal insulation to the roof area if it is already uninsulated in order to obtain a U-value of at least 0.16W/m2K. For instance, installing 250mm of mineral wool insulation may do this.

If insulation is already there, your building control officer will ideally look for a U-value better than 0.35W/m2K. If yours falls below this benchmark, make more insulation part of your attic conversion plans.

Depending on your property's size, design type, and complexity, we can normally complete a task in 9 to 12 weeks for most conventional properties.

Due to the intensive nature of the work and the actual additional space created for your house, mansard loft conversions have the most potential to enhance the value of your home. However, their extensive restructuring will require a comprehensive planning approval application from your local planning authority.

A wide range of considerations influences a loft conversion cost. We provide a free quote that includes a timeframe, costs, and a detailed list of what will be needed for your conversion. Contact us right away if you'd like to get a free quote.