Roof Terrace Loft Conversion

In the UK, outdoor space is becoming increasingly important, adding more value to your property. Therefore, having a stunning outdoor space with a terraced view is a much-needed feature of your home. 

Have you considered using some of your loft space, an often overlooked part of your property, to add an outdoor living area to the loft conversion? You may need to consider converting a roof terrace into a loft. Given the limited outdoor space in London, these loft conversions are growing in popularity. If you’ve supposed to do so, here’s how to build a roof terrace as part of your new attic conversion in your house.

The conversion of a loft into a cosy and comfortable outside space has always been a desire of many homeowners. With the relaxation of building regulations (in some areas), it’s much easier for some homeowners to take advantage of planning loft conversion of their dreams without burdensome regulations (within reason). Adding a new floor could also include a roof terrace. It’s worth investigating the loft conversion options in your area before planning ahead. A loft conversion in the right hands can add a fantastic feature to most houses, especially those who need, albeit small, their own green space or another outdoor area for entertaining with a view across London – perfect!

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Roof Terrace Designing

The way you choose to design a roof terrace is what actually defines the loft conversion. Any terraced roof design also should have an incredibly exciting feature. It is vital to have some form of seating, whether a bistro table set, rattan seats, or both. You’ll be able to do this to comfortably and stylishly enjoy your new outside space.

If you need to design a roof terrace as part of your loft conversion and live in London, you have several options available. You could create a terrace with glass balustrades or opt for a slightly more enclosed look whereby the existing walls are used as boundaries. This is often the better option to keep the space bright and open. 

Whatever design direction you choose, it’s important to consider what flooring materials to use and what colour paint should be applied to the walls for your terraced floor. For most homeowners, lighter colours are best when painting a roof terrace wall, combined with decking or paving outside, for an attractive loft addition that can be enjoyed all year round. Ultimately, the design should be personalised according to your specific needs and budget to make sure that you get the most out of this exciting loft project.

As part of your loft conversion, you can build a roof terrace in one of three ways:

If your outside space is not big enough to be considered a roof terrace, you can still plan the loft with floor-to-ceiling windows with year-round views. Having some kind of new outdoor space is better than having none at all!

This requires more planning and building work, as the roof needs to be redesigned for the new outdoor space to fit into the design. The terrace must also be incorporated from the beginning of construction.

This type of conversion can provide additional space for a roof terrace. The existing pitched roof space of the home can be converted and used in conjunction with the flat roof space from the double-storey extension. This provides an opportunity to create a new, functional outdoor area on top of your property.

At Loftconversion team, we understand that loft conversions in London come in all shapes and sizes, and whether you need a hip-to-gable conversion or a dormer loft project, if you want to install a roof terrace on the outside of your property, then look no further because we specialise in helping customers build their perfect outdoor spaces with amazing loft conversions. With over a decade of experience under our belt, our team has the skills and expertise needed to create an attractive terrace that you can use as an additional living space and a stunning view for all kinds of purposes. You don’t have to dream anymore; just get in touch with us today to help make your dream project a reality!

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