A Velux loft conversion is an excellent way to get the look you want without breaking the bank! They are a popular way to convert an old or low-quality roof space. The leading manufacturer of windows, Velux, created this type because they wanted more people to enjoy better views of their house surroundings without having complicated planning and massive internal structural changes. These VELUX roof windows can help you get the proper amount of daylight to improve your loft conversion or extension, so your home or workspace will often be flooded with daylight.

A Velux loft conversion is a great loft idea that can be a significant value-add to your home. Not only does it bring additional living space and provide extra storage in your house, but the energy efficiency of this type of loft conversion is an attractive feature for your property. Velux conversions have been shown to add property value – making them a practical choice for extra comfort today and a profitable investment when looking at future resale!

Velux conversion does not require planning permission!

With these loft conversion projects, there is no need for planning permission. To be assured that your specific project does not need any special permission, you should consult your local council because the Velux windows fit flush with the roof. So you can enjoy peace of mind as there is no need to get council permission.

These Velux windows and roofs provide excellent light and ventilation in every room and insulation against any adverse weather conditions. You can get creative with interior design and make the most of what you have without major renovations!

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Transform your home with a Velux loft conversion!

Not only can you add value to the property, but you will also have more space for living or storage. There are diverse types of rooms that can be built using a Velux loft conversion, including:

Upgrade your building or house with VELUX Loft.

VELUX windows offer an efficient and effortless way to upgrade any space with natural light and ventilation. However, it’s essential to consider your room size and shape for the best results when deciding which roof lights will provide optimum comfort levels. Larger sizes usually let in more airflow, but additional window placements may be necessary if specific areas are harder to access due to these restrictions – ultimately resulting in a brighter interior atmosphere!

In order to ensure living and working spaces are flooded with natural light, it is suggested that all windows possess a glazed surface area of at least 20% relative to the floor space.

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Your loft will be happier and healthier if you let the daylight in. Maximise the potential of your converted loft or attic space with natural lighting! Evaluating its architecture and layout is key to unlocking a brightener, healthier atmosphere for you and any visitors. Letting in the daylight will transform your home’s interiors into an oasis full of magnificence that all can enjoy.

Transform your empty loft space into a one-off unique modern living space. We ditch the mundane 'off the shelf' conversion with a bespoke design that impresses!