equote-loft conversion

Simple as below!

1) You message us requesting a service. That message might have come through email, WhatsApp, iMessage, or anything else!

2) After receiving it, we reply with a message requesting photographs and videos and an explanation of what you need to do.

3) After receiving it and conducting a site survey, we will respond with a price, estimate, or budget.

Get an instant quote now!

Reduce Costs

Free parking, no engineer fees, and many other things.

Save Time

Get a quote right away rather than waiting for a surveyor to come out.

Save the Earth

Less traffic means less pollution from vans.

Simply said, it is an electronic estimate provided over the internet, just like an email. So we will email you an equote rather than visiting you to quote. Without visiting the site, it still provides what you require.

An estimate is a basic but potentially accurate calculation of the cost. However, there is no commitment to a fixed price. An estimate is provided based on images, videos, and a written description of the required scope of work. Most of the time, a site visit is optional. A quote is a written statement of the set cost for the job at a given time and place.

For a precise quote, measurements are essential, and sometimes a site visit is unavoidable. However, we can provide an equote at subsonic speeds when estimating services like heating, plumbing, and property improvement. Since we aren't continually driving from one location to another, this significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

The world is now different.

We can now transmit images and videos for estimates, thanks to technology.

The majority of customers don't want to be visited, and 98% of our prospective clients would instead email photographs or videos for an estimate. They couldn't visit the location since they were too busy and ran out of time. Additionally, some people only requested a price since they needed to be sure they needed the service.

Nothing, simply a short time to transfer a few images or videos from your phone or device.

Ok. In a nutshell, picture getting an estimate quickly and accurately without having to schedule a site visit, wait for the visitor to arrive, show them around, go over the project, and then be informed the estimate will be returned to them in 48–72 hours. Our skilled estimators can provide you with an exact quote usually the same day, if not sooner if you send us photographs or videos. In a nutshell, that is.

You can use our platform to get task quotations very quickly. It saves time by reducing misunderstandings and waiting times before visits. It enables us to review the work online and prevents us from paying for extra parking during trips to help us save money.