Full-Back Addition Loft Conversion

A loft conversion with a full-back addition is best if you’re looking for more space. Full-length windows flood your home with natural light and fresh air while offering an incredible view of the London sky from inside or outside! The benefits don’t stop there, though. This option gives an extra three or four new rooms in their property, which can be used, i.e., bedrooms, a cinema room (if desired) or just more living areas.  

Homeowners can benefit from a full-back addition, providing an expansive loft space beyond the primary residence. We have successfully created this unique architectural design with the back extension in many local households, offering residents a cutting-edge way to build new conversions for their property.


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We are excited to offer full-back conversion in the London area, where we have already completed a conversion project with a few full-back extensions. With the full-back conversion, you can virtually replicate your first floor in terms of new room space and design. This means as many as three or four more rooms in your house! If you need a house or room conversion that gets you the most space, this fantastic opportunity could come with tremendous rewards for your future planning projects. Contact us today, and we’ll help you through the exciting project planning in order to add value to your property!

The feasibility of converting a loft into an attic will depend on various considerations, including the level of head height available, the roof angle, the structure, and whether there are any obstructions, like chimneys or water tanks. Inquire about having a building authority check your home’s loft area.

Our loft design team is dedicated to helping clients make the most of their space, fully using the building or house. For that, our team of architects and engineers are ready to provide proper planning and designs to create more space with a customized loft conversion solution that meets all the needs. Since we are committed to working with our customers throughout the loft conversion project to get exactly what they were looking for and end up with a beautiful loft addition, they can be proud of it!

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The Loftteam offers homeowners and their families an opportunity to create unique and attractive loft design extensions within their properties and give them the much-needed additional space that other loft conversions cannot provide. It’s no surprise; we offer affordable full-back loft planning options and loft designs with limited resources ideally suited for your house or building project. 

Are there any building regulations necessary for back addition?

A building extension DOES require building regulations permission for specific loft designs and extensions. Building construction must adhere to strict guidelines known as building regulations. The major goal of the laws is to protect people from potentially hazardous building structures and poor craftsmanship, as well as for safety reasons.

Although planning permission is not required, a two-storey back extension must strictly adhere to the following rules:

  • The extension of your house can only extend 3 metres beyond the back wall.
  • It must be less than 7 metres from the wall-opposed boundary of your plot (10m in Scotland and 10.5m in Wales).
  • The structure must be no taller than 4 metres.
  • It’s important to keep in mind that if an existing single-story addition extends more than 3 metres past the rear wall, you won’t be able to add a storey under permitted development rights.

Transform your empty loft space into a one-off unique modern living space. We ditch the mundane 'off the shelf' conversion with a bespoke design that impresses!