Dormer and L-Shaped Dormer Loft

This loft extension type can be either an L-shaped dormer or a flat-roofed dormer. Both types of dormer conversions will provide you with extra space, but the L-shaped dormer will also give you the added benefit of different light, extra space and headroom.

What is a 'Dormer'?

Dormers bring light and comfort to the living spaces of a building. Projecting out from the sloped roofline, built-in house windows, known as ‘dormer windows’, stand vertically compared to regular skylights, built at an angle against the roofing surface. This extension can transform an attic into a livable space with natural lighting.

The word ‘dormer’ has a fascinating origin, connecting the past to the present. Its lineage traces back either to French or Latin roots – ‘dormir’ and ‘dormitories’, respectively – both implying this architecture’s historical purpose as an attic bedroom for servants.

What’s not to love about a dormer loft conversion? They’re an extension of your existing roof or bedroom designs that projects vertically from a sloping roof – creating additional floor area in the property while providing more comfortable living conditions inside!

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L-shaped Dormers

An L-shaped dormer loft conversion is created when two dormers are constructed and connected together. In order to have a distinctive L-shaped loft, two flat-roof dormers should be constructed: one over the main part of the roof and the other over the rear part. L-shaped dormers are usually only ideal for Edwardian and Victorian homes in London because of their design and the architecture, where there is typically an existing back extension to the property.

Why design an L-Shaped Loft Conversion?

When your family is getting bigger, of course, you need an additional room for your home office, or you have the plan to sell your London property, you need to increase the value of your house by four times more than a brand-new kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom to make it more appealing to buyers. But moving to a larger home isn’t always an option; a well-done loft conversion shines in these situations. 

Our loft professionals in London will assist you in designing a perfect dormer conversion for your house. Remember, a well-designed loft conversion is frequently at the top of buyers’ lists and something they look for in marketable residences.

In addition to increasing your property’s value, a loft conversion designed by an architect can maximise the space in your house. Your loft conversion is a fantastic investment and a design project to remember for you and your family if you do it properly, with consideration and care. Dormers have vertical walls alongside horizontal ceilings and can often be constructed without planning permission (depending on specifications).

The most popular styles of dormer conversions include;

You won’t need planning permission because permitted development rights apply to the majority of L-shaped loft conversions in London. There are exceptions; for instance, if the house is a listed structure or is located in a conservation area, you will need to obtain a planning application.

Does London require planning permission for L-shaped dormer loft conversions?

L-shaped loft conversion allowed development regulations mean that most L-shaped dormer loft conversions don’t need planning approval. However, because local authorities’ planning policies can differ, we at the Loftconversion team always recommend that you consult them. If you or a former owner made any extensions or modifications, they might also be affected. Even though you do not need planning approval to build your dormer extension, once the loft conversion is done in your bedroom or house, you will need building regulations permission.

You can update the exterior of your home or bedroom with a stylish L-shaped dormer conversion. Whether you choose tile, slate, render or cladding as the finish type – our experienced loft team will ensure it perfectly matches existing features like fascias, soffits and gutters for an integrated look that makes this addition appear to have always been part of the build.

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Invest in your home in London now with the Loftconversion team and reap the rewards later! With some initial design outlay, you can create more space for your family while adding considerable value to the property in London. The initial cost for loft conversion may seem like a burden at first. However, you’ll reap what you sow in this endeavour and find yourself shaped with profits from selling far exceeding any initial outlay!

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