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Whether you’re looking to add extra space and value to your house or build a spacious new room, loft conversions can be the perfect solution! With different designs to upgrade your home living space, there is sure to be one loft type that fits your lofty needs and personality.

Making the big decision to install a loft conversion is not to be taken lightly; we understand many factors are at play here. From the type of property to taste and lifestyle requirements, there are lots for you to think about in order to make sure what you go with works seamlessly within your home. That’s why it’s key that all relevant information is considered to guarantee an informed decision has been made!

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Types of loft conversions

domer-l-shaped loft

Londoners are increasingly turning to L-shaped dormer loft conversions, which combine two rear dormers – one dormer is on the main roof, and another dormer is on the back – into an “L” shape. This type of conversion is typically suitable only for Victorian or Edwardian homes, particularly those with a mid-terraced design. As dormer loft design extensions often fall within permitted development requirements in many areas, planning permission may not be required resulting in up to 50 cubic metres more space without any major hassle!

mansard loft london

Transform your property in London with a luxurious double Mansard – the biggest type of loft conversion available in the city. Perfect for period homes, it can provide an entirely new level of living space thanks to its combination of sloping walls and dormer windows – all while avoiding planning restrictions common in many areas across town.

velux loft london

A Velux loft conversion, or ‘skylight conversion’, is incredibly simple in loft design. It does not change the roof structure as it adds skylights or Velux windows to the existing roof structure. This brings more light into your loft, which is ideal if you want to convert your attic space into a bedroom, office or kid’s playroom. 

mansard-l shaped loft

An L shape mansard conversion is an innovative and efficient loft idea for Victorian or Edwardian houses and flats with a rear addition. By extending the mansard over this area, owners can transform it into valuable amenities such as extra bedrooms, studies, nurseries or bigger en-suites/dressing rooms! But, a mansard extension requires full planning permission. This space-savvy loft conversion not only adds functional value to your property but also increases its potential resale value.  

hip-to gable

Transform your house with an exciting and cost-efficient hip-to-gable loft conversion. This loft type is popular on semi-detached and detached properties. Here, the type of roof alteration straightens out sloping ceilings for more headroom, allowing you the freedom to create larger floor plans with bigger furniture pieces. Furthermore, Hip-to-gable loft work can help extend existing conversions by adding extra space – ideal for creating a leisure area or small office in any bedroom! Best of all, these transformations are comparatively hassle-free as they fall under permitted planning & development rights.


Londoners can now enjoy outdoor living all year round with luxurious loft roof terraces! These elevated sanctuaries provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, featuring al fresco dining areas, gardens, hot tubs – even swimming pools and flamingos. Planning permission is required for these architectural loft conversions; however, they remain popular in densely populated residential areas where space is at a premium. Bring some magic to your urban lifestyle with a chic rooftop oasis today!

full back addition

A loft conversion with a full-back addition is the perfect choice for Londoners looking to expand their living space without sacrificing natural light or stunning city views. The extra three or four rooms created by this build can provide additional bedrooms, home cinemas, and more – tailoring your property to suit you! While not all areas in London are suitable for such an endeavour, where possible, it offers unrivalled potential.

When it comes to loft conversions – your property type matters; from Edwardian (1900-1910) and Victorian (1840-1900) properties right through to 1930s homes and new builds, our experienced surveyors can identify the perfect conversion type for you, no matter where or when your house was built! So don’t be overwhelmed by this process step; let us work with you to develop a tailored loft solution for your needs and budget.


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