Enhance the cosiness of your loft living space.


Creating the perfect cosy living space starts with a few easy tips and tricks. Taking the time to plan the available living space can create a little cocoon of cosiness. Utilising items like down comforters, fur rugs, and blankets are all pieces that contribute to the overall cosy ambience within a room, especially a bedroom. Lighting is another important factor when trying to create a cosy atmosphere. For instance, dimmed lights can add warmth and privacy to a bedroom. Considering all of these elements is a great way to create an environment where individuals can rest, relax and escape from reality.

Layering plush blankets and plump pillows will create an inviting atmosphere you won’t want to leave. If an all-white style isn’t your thing, add a scattering of colour. Deep yet bright shades like teal, mustard yellow, and forest green bring warmth and enhance your living space.

Especially during the winter when the cold weather sets in, there’s nothing more inviting than coming home to a warm and comfortable house. Just a few simple touches can make all the difference when transforming your loft into a cosy sanctuary. 

Think snug throws, cushions, warm lighting and rugs, and gentle tones and colours throughout the space – all these elements will create an ambient atmosphere inviting relaxation. Investing wisely in insulation is also a crucial factor – adding any extra level of thermal protection will help keep you warm during the colder months without exceeding the heating budget. 

Whether you’ve recently converted your loft or plan to do so in the near future, read the following:

Tips to help maximise its cosiness.

Adding warmth to your living space can be done with just a few small but creative changes. Pictures have the potential to bring life and interest to sparse bedrooms. A bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation; the artwork should reflect that. 

Painting two-tone walls is an easy way to bring cosiness into a loft. Wainscoting could be an ideal option to add a sort


of two-tier feel to the space, or just a wallpaper border around the centre of the room can have a similar effect. The effect can trick the eye into thinking the ceiling is lower than it is. This can be an excellent solution for anyone looking to add more intimacy to a space with a high ceiling.


Pillows, blankets, and throws are a quick and simple way to modify the décor of your loft and quickly provide warmth to any location. During winter, look for richer hues and deeper textures.

Don’t forget the flooring, either! Carpet may be more practical than wood or laminate flooring. A rug or two can help here, also. There are so many different designs and materials currently available, such as those treated with special protection to make spills just as simple to clean as a hard floor.

The type and amount of lighting, together with the colour scheme, can make a huge contribution to an environment’s ambience; it can also change one’s mood and emotion. 

Think about adjusting the lighting depending on the season. In winter, when the days are shorter, and nights longer, warm and inviting light radiates a sense of calm. Gentle soft lamp lighting or twinkling fairy lights can add a feeling of calm.


A cosy and inviting loft can only keep out the cold if your windows are efficient. Upgrading to double- or even triple-glazed windows is the most effective way to ensure that any chilling weather won’t disrupt the cosiness. Installing these energy-efficient windows will provide you with comfort and a fairly stable atmosphere (temperature-wise) all year round.

Whether you want to add cosiness or privacy to your loft, a conversion can be the perfect way to make the most of your property. Converting your loft can create a light and airy retreat that will bring comfort, charm and luxury to your home. 

If you are thinking of converting that empty loft space into something practical, then contact Loftteam, who is taking project bookings for 2023. 

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