Benefits of Mansard Loft Conversion.

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Transforming your home may seem a challenge, especially if you’ve been rejected on numerous occasions by the planning department of your local authority. Hiring a professional company that can manage the project from start to finish and manage the local council red tape has to be a huge benefit. Many people are turning to loft conversions as opposed to moving house. It’s amazing what a loft conversion can bring to a property with the right knowledge, creative vision and high levels of workmanship. Your dream loft conversion can begin with a call to the Loftconversion team. That extra floor space offers a great solution as it provides a greater living area that’s got to be a benefit if your living space is cramped. Think how excited the kids will be to have their own play den, or it could be a space to just relax without affecting those around you. It could also be converted into an office! For those who don’t want to go back to the works office to work, say goodbye to the hassle of daily commuting, driving, strikes, train/buses being cancelled, escalating fares and loss of free time all taken up by travelling!   All properties can benefit, not just modern homes; period properties can be too! With an attic, renovation comes increased living options, which will add value to your property. Want to make some added headroom in 2023 by converting that neglected room and roof space into something new and extraordinary, then if it’s for you, investigate a  Mansard Loft Conversion.

A Mansard loft conversion!

The French architect Francois Mansart first popularised the original roof design in Paris in the mid-17th century! These incredible loft conversions are loved for their clever use of flat roofs. Its unique 72-degree rear wall is cleverly complemented by box-shaped dormers, creating impressively spacious proportions while allowing natural light to stream through the extra windows.

A big bonus with a Mansard conversion is the huge amount of extra space it can provide. In effect, it adds another layer or story to your property. This extra space can be converted into several rooms, such as extra bedrooms, bathrooms, play areas, offices, home cinema or game areas. The usage is only limited by one’s imagination. 

The Benefits of Mansard Loft Conversion.

Homeowners in London are increasingly turning to Mansard loft conversions as a stylish way of expanding their living space. This exquisite loft design brings a new look and feels to the floor and roof extra space.   

With the right professional expertise (Loftconversionteam), you can design an attractive finish that blends seamlessly into the existing structure.

With a remodel, you can give your house an added boost in terms of value and charm.


Allow light and airflow while still preserving the original style of your home – it’s like having an extra storey!


An ideal type of loft for an additional room above the kitchen areas.


Create an entirely new level – these creative solutions provide ample opportunity to gain maximum living potential from any property.

With mansard loft conversion, your roof is open to three sides rather than just two. These significant modifications to the roof’s pitch might demand a lot of outside work. Decide whether you are ready to spend extra time and the cost needed. Most property/building types in London, including bungalows, detached and semi-detached homes, terraced homes, and detached homes are ideal for Mansard loft conversions. 

Planning Permission for Mansard Loft Conversions

Usually, mansard loft conversions require planning permission, but most do if the external roof skyline is likely to be altered. It is, therefore, worth finding out the attitude of your local council towards this type of loft extension before you go ahead. Documentation, permission and sign-off will all be needed. According to the Party Wall Agreement Act of 1996, if you own a terraced or semi-detached property, you must notify your neighbours and get their written consent before beginning any new extension. Despite its persistent challenge, the answer to whether or not building a mansard extension is allowed in conservation areas typically lies within three parameters; if your roof has remained traditional and unchanged compared to those around you, it can be difficult for permission. Nonetheless, success may come should there already exist nearby mansards – even from neighbouring households coming together with one application on behalf of an entire terrace!

Cost of Mansard Conversion in London

A Mansard roof conversion is usually more expensive than other standard loft conversions. Get a detailed survey and quotation so you can budget effectively. The cost can start from roughly £50,000 or above, depending on your location and your project specifications. Any loft conversion in London, however simple or complex, will still need the best tradespeople and project manager to ensure all meet building regulations and your expectations. 

Why not unlock the potential of your property by investing in a Mansard conversion and seeing your London property’s value rise by as much as 10% to 20%? If you are thinking of expanding your living space in your house, then contact the Loftconversionteam, a London-based company with years of loft conversion experience!

Call now for a free no, obligation quotation. Our friendly team of professionals will advise and put forward recommendations that will enhance your property and its value! 

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