Mansard and L-Shaped Mansard Loft


The mansard loft conversion roof surface provides plenty of window space, allowing ample sunlight throughout the day. This conversion is with a flat roof and sloping back wall. It was named after 17th-century French Architect Francois Mansard. Typically, windows are placed in small dormers that extend from the roof to create additional space. Mansard loft conversions usually require planning permission due to structural changes. We also specialise in L-shaped mansard loft conversions, which can open up more space and add more value to your property.

Mansard roof

Mansard roofs can be used at more than one elevation. We design and build front and rear mansard loft conversions, which include living space, office space and a bright roof terrace.

Mansard roof provides ample light!

Two full-length windows on the south side of the outdoor terrace can be used as a workspace with ample light when you need a mansard roof on both elevations to add space. So, the upper terrace can offer a stunning view of London and is used for outdoor relaxation and entertainment.

What is an L-shaped mansard?

It is similar to a rear mansard conversion but provides much more space.

Not all homes are eligible for an L-shaped mansard. Frequently constructed on properties with a permit or on Victorian homes to match other L-shaped mansards in the neighbourhood. 

L-shaped mansard conversions offer a fantastic use of space and are an excellent way to expand your house. Although it may seem like an expensive loft project at first glance, conversions can be reasonably priced. It’s important to consult with loft professionals and planning departments in order to determine what type of conversion is suitable for your property in London. Going beyond a standard rear mansard dormer can bring huge benefits and easily make up for the relatively small price difference.

Cost of Mansard Conversion

When considering converting your loft to an L-shaped mansard or a standard rear dormer, there are important considerations to make if you ever decide to complete a loft project in the future. It is essential to note that the cost at a later date could be five to ten times the originally quoted price due to additional works such as re-applying for permitted development or planning permission and completely duplicating structural calculations. 

Furthermore, reinstalling the scaffolding, ordering a new staircase and making good connections between the existing and new conversion types will add further costs. Thus, carefully weighing these potential costs against the available loft options is key in deciding which type of loft conversion is most appropriate and cost-effective for you.

How long it takes to complete a mansard conversion?

A Mansard loft conversion can be a relatively quick project, often taking just two to four weeks to complete. It is important to plan ahead and ensure sufficient time for us to carry out all necessary work for the conversion, including installing the new roof, cladding and stairs. 

We can help you with planning your Mansard loft conversion project. Make sure you discuss with our professional team the time required for completion. Our experience in undertaking such conversion projects can help us work around your timeframe and get it done as quickly as possible. Be mindful that more involved conversions, such as a dormer extension, may take longer and require additional installations, affecting overall completion times.

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